Apples in Folktales, Fairytales and Myth




[Sponsor 1 & Sponsor 2] present a World Apple Day event:
Taste, Temptation and Spells: Apples in Folktales, Fairytales and Myth
An Evening with Storyteller Brian Rohr

Friday, Oct 17th – 6:30-9pm
Red Rose Ballroom- 1829 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 map

$25 – Purchase online


The ancient art of storytelling is one of human being’s oldest and most sacred acts.  Stories have been used to share wisdom, entertain, educate, speak to the collective human condition and bring healing to the mind, heart and soul.  It is in this spirit that on Friday, Oct 17th, in honor of World Apple Day, Professional Storyteller/Mythteller Brian Rohr offers a storytelling event celebrating the magic and mystery of the Apple in the ancient tales.

“Stories and food have always had a special relationship, as both are communal activities that humans have been engaged in since the beginning of time.” Says Rohr

“And as for Apples?  Be it tempting the first people with profound wisdom or the dark magic sometimes embedded in it’s tasty flesh, this seemingly innocent fruit has a darker, more complex and delightful history then the Pink Lady will often let on upon first meeting.”

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