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Goodbye Port Townsend, I Love You: An Evening of Story and Song
Thursday, January 9th at 6:30pm
Quimper Grange
1219 Corona St, Port Townsend, WA

$15-20 suggested donation, no one turned away


Over six years ago, with trust and excitement, Brian Rohr moved to Port Townsend to study in the art of ritual and sacred storytelling.  Over the years he received so much more then just a set of skills, he received community, friends, wisdom, relationships and deep appreciations of this remarkable town.  Now, over six years later, with a desire to spread his wings into a larger venue, Rohr and his wife will be moving to Portland, OR.


In order to say goodbye to this town that he has grown to love and cherish, Rohr will be hosting a “Goodbye Port Townsend” Concert on Jan 9 at 6:30pm , bringing forward the gift of storytelling along with the musical and poetic accompaniment of friends and fellow performing artists: Daniel Deardorff, Aimée Ringle, Judith-Kate Friedman and other special guests.


About Brian:


“Sharing the Ancient Art of Storytelling as a way to Educate, Entertain and Offer Healing to Individuals, Communities and the Living World.”


Brian Rohr is a Storyteller, Poet and Healing Arts Practitioner who resides in the Pacific Northwest – a land of constant rain, Evergreen trees, mountains and the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Raised in the Chicago land area, it was in 2007 when he met mythologist and master storyteller Daniel Deardorff whose artistry convinced him to give up the steady life as a Massage Therapist in Chicago and move to the small rural town of Port Townsend, WA, to be mentored in the art and magic of performative mythology and storytelling.


Since this time, Rohr has toured as a featured teller for national and international audiences, taught and performed at major conferences, festivals, high schools, universities, synagogues and libraries.  The list includes: the 14th International Jewish Renewal Aleph Kallah in Redlands, CA; Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle; Illinois State University; Trickster Tales Storytelling Festival in Washington State; Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL and more.


Rohr was recently named by JT News (the Jewish Newspaper of Washington State) as a “10 Under 40” recipient for 2013 – Honored as one of ten notable Jewish people in Washington under 40 years old who are doing important and inspirational works within the community, specifically honored as a storyteller.


Locally, Rohr is the creator and past host of First Friday Storynight at Better Living Through Coffee for the past 4 years.  He is also the creator and host of the popular annual Trickster Tales: A Night of Storytelling.


Rohr was recently honored by JT News as a “10 Under 40” recipient for 2013 by being chosen as one of 10 Jewish people in Washington State under 40 years old who are doing inspirational works within the community.   He is an active Board Member of the Mythsinger Foundation and is convinced of the life and vitality inherent in the old stories and their ability to inform us on how to live our lives as authentic human beings.


As a storyteller, Brian focuses on the old stories – the myths, folktales and fairy tales – from many different cultures, knowing that these old stories are alive, vital and can inform us on how to live our lives as authentic human beings, helping to make sense and meaning of the living world we are a part of.


Brian is an active Board Member of the Mythsinger Foundation and is still living in the Pacific Northwest where he spends much of his time with his beloved wife Sarah.


“You’re helping to keep cultures and ancient tales rich and alive in an age of quick info and technology.”
– Joe Roche, Writer, Actor, Humorist


“Thank you for your stories… You are a very passionate and gifted storyteller. I was moved, intrigued, and inspired by the folklore and how you weaved the story together. Each one resonates truth.”
– Eric J Jones. Sr.


“Brian breathes fire into the story and carries you to the belly of the beast.  His energy catapults you right into the story and you find yourself riding along with the cast of characters.  You can’t help but enjoy a storytelling by Brian.”
– Michele Podesto, Artist & Ritual Leader