Who is Baba Yaga?

Eating Baba Yaga is the video album by Storyteller Brian Rohr

Inspired by the work of Robert Bly, Marion Woodman, Daniel Deardorff and others, Storyteller Brian Rohr engages in the mythic, the liminal and the otherworldly to bring you a feast for your soul.

Myths and Stories of Surviving the Extraordinary Life

Sharing the Russian Fairytale, “The Maiden Tzar” (39 Minutes) and the Nubian “Necklace Story” (16.5 Minutes) Brian delights and entertains the listener while opening the mind and heart to explore a deeper knowing of truth and beauty. These stories sidestep the rational to take us closer to our imagination, teaching us how the stories passed on from long ago still hold relevance, meaning and importance in our lives today.


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Want to see a longer clip? Follow this link to watch 6 1/2 minutes from “The Necklace Story”

From The Back Cover of the DVD

FAQ“In his show, Eating Baba Yaga, Brian invites the listener to that wild, gentle and fierce place that is known when confronting our Wyrd – our own unique and personal life path – and see how, through compassion, cunning and grace, we can engage those parts of our lives that may seem to want to destroy us, but in fact want us to become the adults we were always meant to be.”

Hear What People Have To Say:

“Thank you for your stories… You are a very passionate and gifted storyteller. I was moved, intrigued, and inspired by the folklore and how you weaved the story together. Each one resonates truth.”
– Eric J Jones. Sr.

“Brian, I watched your DVD soon after I received it. The stories you chose were wonderful, and I thought you gave a masterful performance… It was a pleasure to view the film – the fascinating stories and your skillful way of delivering them kept my attention fully riveted throughout. I look forward to more ‘wonder-full’ stories to come.”
– Robert Komishane

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