What are the file types and what programs will play the Audiobook and Video?

The Audiobook file is an .m4b – which is a chapterized, book-markable audio file.  The video file is an .mp4 – a high quality format that keeps the file size reasonably small.

For both Mac and Windows, you can use the latest version of either of these programs to play both the Audiobook and Video.   Be sure to download the appropriate version for your computer, Mac or Windows.

What if I have a Smartphone or Tablet?

For iPhones and iPads when you click download, it will appear in the “files” app in “On My phone” then “Downloads.”find the file and click play. For Android devices, also download the files, and find where they downloaded to and click play.

I have downloaded the files, but where are they?

It is important to know where you downloaded your file too.  Make a note of where your browser typically downloads files – often a folder called “Download” and look for  EatingBabaYaga_Audio.m4b and EatingBabaYaga_Video.mp4.  You can also do a search to find the files if you really have seemed to lose them.

I have double clicked the file, but it says it cannot open, what should I do?

Make sure you have the latest versions of one of the above programs installed, or have a compatible player, on your computer.  Once this is done, you may need to drag and drop the file into the program, or open the program and import/open the file in the program.

How long are download times?

  • Audiobook (135mb): 56kb – 5.7 hours; 1.5mb – 12 min; 10mb – 2 min.
  • Video (600mb): 56kb – 24.3 hours; 1.5mb – 56 min; 10mb – 8.5 min; 100mb – 2 min