“Storytelling is an ancient and sacred act that cultures around the world have been doing for hundreds and thousands of years.  In this time of rapid technology and quick sound bites, it is more important than ever to come together as a community to hear the wisdom that the old stories have to share.”     – Brian Rohr

Sacred Storytelling Series Handout



Each month, from August to December, Mythteller Brian Rohr will bring forward a sacred storytelling performance utilizing the drum and the spoken word.  Each performance in this series offers a different theme to help us connect to the deeper levels of our culture’s seasonal celebrations and to honor the changes in the physical world as we cycle from bright summer to dark winter:


Flood myth image2

Thursday, Aug 21 – Water, Floods and the Sacred Wound

In honor of the time when the mountain snows melt, feeding the rivers and the oceans, as well as our psyches, with the power and potential of this sacred element. 



Jacob Wrestling
Sept 19 – Jewish Wisdom

In honor of the harvest and the start of the Jewish New Year.




trickster tales logo 2010
Oct 23 – Trickster Stories

As many explore shifting identities and celebrate Halloween, Samhain or the Day of the Dead.



Nov 21 – Surrendering in Gratitude

At the time of the year we appreciate bounty and give gratitude for what we have.


Solstice Image

Dec 19 – Honoring the Dark, Waking the Light

As many traditions turn inward and celebrate the darkening time and renewing light via Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice and other winter festivals. 




$15 – Advanced Tickets can be purchased.  Please click on link above for individual events.